Witch Doctor Jr

You've seen the show,
now build your own battling robot!
Want Team Witch Doctor at your event?

Take a Build and Battle Workshop led by Team Witch Doctor! No previous experience required.

Don't see a class listed?


Email us and let us know you're interested!

Compete your own combat robot!

We host Robot Riot Tournaments throughout South Florida where local builders can compete their 150 gram, 1 lb, and 3 lb robots. 3-4 events per year.

These events are always free for spectators!

A new video series on how to build your own robot is coming soon to our YouTube Channel!

Meanwhile, check out our behind the scenes videos from the current season of BattleBots!

Meet Team Witch Doctor at an event near you! Check our calendar for:

  • Panels

  • Exhibits

  • Meet & Greets

  • and more!

Want to bring Team Witch Doctor to your event?

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